Current Exhibition

Reimagined Histories
Laura Christensen

Through June 19, 2021


Visual artist Laura Christensen paints on recovered vintage portraits in order to retell old stories and invent new ones. Her additions are often uncanny, but blend seamlessly with the original photographs. For this exhibition, Christensen created 15 artworks, many in response to the RJD’s collections and histories. Reimagined Histories explores how artifacts of different time periods coexist in this historic mansion that housed three families and their staff from 1834 to 1981. Artworks also explore the themes of women, fashion, and whaling. This fertile ecosystem of references reveals the transitory nature of things and how past remnants effect today’s realities. The exhibition includes a traditional gallery display, and in addition, Christensen’s artworks appear as interventions throughout the RJD’s permanent collection.     

Exhibition curated by the artist, with assistance from Executive Director, Dawn E. Salerno, and Facilities Manager, Rick Finneran.

Top Image: House Heads, Laura Christensen

Bottom Image: Wallpaper Dreaming, Laura Christensen

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