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Individual and corporate donations account for a substantial amount of the Museum’s income which we apply conscientiously to our mission based efforts in preservation, community vibrancy, and educational programming.  A recurring gift gives the museum consistency amidst other fluctuating sources.

Annual Appeal

The Annual Appeal is the Museum’s single most important income stream, accounting for 35% of the RJD’s operating income for the year. Funds underwrite the Museum’s basic operating costs such as heat, water, electricity, building insurance, maintenance, security and the staff who make it all happen. The historic structure and grounds are in constant need of attention and these day-to-day operations must be funded before we can open our doors to the public. Donors to the Annual Appeal are the bedrock of our support, helping us to leverage other public and private dollars to our cause. A donation to Annual Appeal solidifies the foundation upon which we build our connection to the community and our engagement with our visitors annually.

Connectivity Matching Campaign (Goal: $12,000)

This matching campaign is seeking donations to pay for new internet infrastructure at our County Street property. With the onset of the 2020 pandemic, it became clear that the Museum’s internet capacity was insufficient for basic business operations, as well as streaming audio or visual media. Having researched all the possibilities, Museum staff and Ken Lauderdale, Chair of our Buildings and Grounds Committee, recommended a fiberoptic cable solution through the provider Comcast. The work to dig and lay cable begins late Fall 2020, and should be completed in the new year. The new dedicated lines will grow the Museum’s capacity to serve its constituencies: imagine a live-cast concert with New Bedford symphony musicians  – a wedding party on the gorgeous grounds sharing their ceremony through a live-stream to those relatives who could not otherwise travel to the event – or even the visitor to the historic house who will be able to log in to guest wifi and take a new digital tour of the collections. This solution is the best quality available, and will grow with the institution, as we grow. One generous funder has agreed to match your gift, up to $12,000.

General Gifts

Your tax- deductible donation will help preserve one of the nation’s finest Greek Revival mansions and its historic grounds and gardens. It will support programming, exhibitions and the acquisition of appropriate period collections. Your gift also benefits area students participating in our school field trips. With community support, the Museum offers these educational programs free of charge to hundreds of students annually, as the schools are unable to underwrite any of the associated fees or costs. 

Corporate Sponsorship

Businesses may also choose to sponsor individual events and in return, receive acknowledgement at that event. Sponsorship opportunities for 2021 include: our summer garden party (May/June 2021) and The Mystery at the Mansion Masquerade (October 2021).

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