New Garden Resource Material Being Developed

New Garden Resource Material Being Developed

Resource materials and related programming are currently being developed in conjunction with the planting of fruit trees in the southwest quadrant of the RJD gardens.

Extensive historical research compiled for the Cultural Landscape Study as well as information collected by the Horticulture Committee of the Garden Club of Buzzards Bay will be incorporated into student programming, visitor information handouts, workshops that explore growing and caring for fruit trees for the home gardener, and information for the Museum’s website.

The fourth grade Woodland Garden Program offered by the Garden Club of Buzzards Bay will integrate information about the fruit trees in its lessons about seed dispersal, plant life cycles, habitat, and environmental programming. The orchard will provide gathering spaces for groups of students to interact with docent volunteers and learn about growing fruit trees first-hand.

Research will also be integrated into the Museum’s fifth grade apiary program, Growing Ideas: Cultivating Connections. This program, which introduces students to the life cycle of honeybees and their important role in pollination, is offered in September and October when the trees will be bearing fruit.

The Museum currently offers teacher support materials for these programs on our website. New content about growing fruit will be added, in addition to links to related websites. Themes to explore on our website in the future will include sustainability, nutritional gardening and food preparation.

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